Monday, 15 December 2014

Energy, Meridians and Health

Meridians in the body are like the electrical wires in your home. Acupuncture points are like the switches and chakras are like the circuit breakers.

There are 12 common paired energy meridians, which are named after organs or glands in each of us. Each of these meridians in the body is like an electrical circuit in the home, and has within it a number of switches, plug points and a circuit breaker that will trip if there is an overload. In the body specific organs, glands and muscles are activated and energised by each meridian. If there is a block or overload along or relating to the meridian any of these may experience impaired function or complete malfunction. This is when disease is diagnosed.

For example, if one manifests chronic pain in the neck and/or has Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD) digestive problems, it could be an imbalance of the energy that flows in the stomach meridian. The neck muscles and the stomach (organ) are overseen by energy meridian labelled ‘stomach’.

The MYYO Technique takes all the levels, tangible and subtle, of human existence into account to bring balance and harmony back to the client. Often when this is carried out the chronic pain and/or disease is alleviated at the source and cause. Hence the MYYO Technique does not mask symptoms but rather it removes the problem.

The six levels of health that the MYYO practitioner will check are the physical body level; the energy level; the emotional level; the chemistry of the client like hydration, nutrition, and toxins; the mental and spiritual levels. If imbalances are discovered in any of these layers they are corrected in specific ways to ensure that people can “Live Life Painlessly” on all levels.