Monday, 27 January 2014

What is in the second MYYO module and the Short MYYO workshops?

MYYO Professional Practitioner - Workshop Module 2:
MYYO module 2 and the short workshops are available for those who have studied the first MYYO module with Anne Combrinck.

Included in the second workshop are topics such as additional MYYO techniques along with using the lines and grid patterns of trigger points on the body. Participants will be learning techniques of how to treat the delicate areas of the face, scalp, breasts, hands and feet - in other words, additional MYYO “recipes” for other areas of the body. You will learn to use MYYO in pregnancy and for specific illnesses or problems, for example, restless leg syndrome, tinnitus, migraine, tension headaches, prevention of prolapse, etc.

In this workshop we will cover the deeper layers of the human being and teach various energy techniques for quicker effective results and less physical effort for practitioner; how to balance the chakras, meridians and other energy systems with the MYYO Technique. A deeper understanding of how emotions lodge within the physical being and cause problems; as well as an easy method to help ease those emotions will be taught, lest the client has an emotional discharge while undergoing treatment.  

Other interesting concepts that will be dealt with are introduction to neuro-lymphatic & meridian massage, neuro-vascular points and more.

As on the first module of MYYO training, in between the learning and practical work, there will be lots of fun, movement, dancing, yoga, and laughter.

Topics covered in MYYO short workshops & get-togethers include:
·    Self-MYYO – how to use the self-help tool to de-trigger yourself as a MYYO practitioner
·    Combining EFT with the MYYO consultation
·    Managing your specific MYYO case-studies and help with difficult cases
·    How to include Ayurveda life-style and nutrition advice in the MYYO treatment
·    Other valuable energy techniques and movements that can be integrated with MYYO
·    …… and others

Saturday, 18 January 2014

MYYO Spinal Massage

The MYYO Technique is a natural way of relieving discomfort and stress in a person so that they can “Live Life Painlessly”. We mainly use pressure on the muscles and simple stretching. However, there are other components of the Technique that are not only therapeutic but also quite pleasurable. One of these is the Yogi Spinal Massage which is normally the way the practitioner will end the treatment.  

Some background on this Spinal Massage: It is an ancient massage technique that has been used for thousands of years by the yogis of India, (there is also a similar massage technique in Traditional Chinese Medicine). I was taught this massage technique decades ago and have been using it since then. It is a wonderful way of ending a MYYO treatment, but is also useful on its own. It is a nice way of sharing and bonding between family members.  
Numerous Benefits of Spinal Massage As well as the muscular and relaxation benefits , this spinal massage energizes neuro-lymphatic points along either side of the spine, therefore flushing and energizing both the nervous and the lymphatic systems. It revitalizes the entire nervous system, the cerebrospinal fluid system and the reflex points along the bladder meridian. Reflex points on the bladder meridian correspond to every organ in the body. This technique is great for anyone under intense emotional or physical stress. It is also great to do if someone feels they are ‘coming down’ with the flu or other illness.

This spinal massage is a good way to start a MYYO treatment for people with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, ME, yuppie flu, general fatigue, arthritis, lupus, and other serious and chronic pain and low energy imbalances. It seems that whatever is stuck in these people accumulates in and around the spinal column. It may even be all that is necessary for that appointment!