Monday, 11 April 2016

AnandaPrana™ Technique

This is a treatment that is deeply relaxing, while also energising and uplifting. It is based on ancient healing treatments from Yoga, Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine traditions, and brings about an integration of all levels of being. Thus it benefits not only the physical body, but also the energy, emotional, and spiritual levels of the client.

It is a healing technique from the ancient teachings, which combines very specific spinal and feet massage with energy balancing methods. It stimulates and balances the nadis (energy channels), chakras & organ system, recharges the spinal reflexes, balances the movement of lymphatic fluid, brings balance to the nervous system and detoxifies the entire body. It also stimulates the client’s immune system and is a good treatment for one who feels generally “under the weather”. It is grounding and releases stress, as well as increasing energy levels and bringing joyfulness to the person.
AnandaPrana Technique Benefits

The 30 to 45 minute treatment pacifies aggravated Vata dosha, which is a major cause of illness on the physical and mental levels. This powerful healing technique manages to accomplish many great benefits. 

This technique has been known to:
· Promote a state of deep relaxation.
· Reduce stress, anxiety and worry.
· Bring calm to an agitated mind.
· Promote good quality sleep overcoming insomnia.
· Reduce fatigue.
· Reduce dizziness, lack of grounding and flighty feeling; good for frequent air travellers/ jetlag.
· Reduce negative emotions and mild depression.
· Balance the nervous system.
· Improve peripheral circulation.
· Activate the immune system.
· Improve hormonal function.
· Improve and maintain eyesight and hearing.
· Alleviate migraines, headaches and digestive disorders.
· Aid the body in detoxing.
· Be good for reducing leg swelling and restless leg syndrome.
· Help for ADHD and learning problems in hyperactive or agitated children and adults.
· Balance and harmonise all systems of the body promoting homeostasis and health.