Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Become a MYYO Technique Practitioner

This training has been arranged to suit everyone. The only pre-requisite is that you have a matric education - and a passion for helping people. An open-hearted, compassionate approach is always of benefit in any healing modality.

The training to become a practitioner of this healing technique entails the following:

  • a good knowledge of human anatomy and physiology - especially the structural system of the body, which is the muscular and skeletal systems
  • an understanding of working with people in a therapeutic way and how to set up your healing practice
  • an understanding that the human being is not just a physical body, but is made up of various layers
  • the technique of MYYO developed by Anne Combrinck

  • If you have been trained as a Yoga Teacher or in another therapy you should have knowledge of the first three. Therefore it is the MYYO Technique that you require. If you do not have this knowledge we will train you in them in an initial pre-module.

    Training in the MYYO Technique - the steps

  • the foundational training is a 4-day module
  • the intermediate training is also a 5-day module where we refine and specialise the foundational training, as well as learn new refinement hands-on techniques.
  • update modules and MYYO Practitioners days are available for Continuing Education
  • specialised deeper tachniques and self-care trainings are also available to keep you updated in the technique and to always strive for improving your practice. These also are for Continuing Education.

  • All the above modules which are the hands-on, practical part of the training takes place in Somerset West, Western Cape. The theory and theory examinations take place at your home over the internet.
    For dates of trainings see: www.myyo.co.za

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